Dany Lucas

Production Manager & Managing Director, Toolbox Luxembourg

“In my capacity as an event coordinator, it’s important for me to surround myself with the best partners. From the initial consultation to the realisation of the project, all of the contributors should take on their duties in accordance with standard practice.

Steffen’s professional and human approach, their willingness to meet challenges and their innovation have become their hallmark.

As strong advocates of national heritage who are always on the look-out for innovative trends, the Steffen Group has always guaranteed us moments of shared happiness. They are a reliable partner which we recommend to all lovers of inspired cuisine.”

Joëlle & Stéphane

“Thank you so much for your staff’s awesome service!

Everything went so smoothly, beginning from the very competent, quick and helpful first interview to the entire preparation phase, where Steffen Traiteur was available for each and every question, up to the the big day, our wedding.

On a scale from 1 to 10, we would definitely give you a 10+, without hesitating.

Your staff was so friendly and helpful, the food was that delicious as expected, the organization of the event was fantastic and you really gave us the feeling that you are caring about our wedding.

We do really appreciate and felt your enthusiasm.

Please continue like that, we’ll keep hiring Steffen Traiteur for further events.”

René Grosbusch

Administrative Manager of Marcel Grosbusch & Fils

“Like Steffen Traiteur, we place a lot of importance on the trust our clients have in us, which we maintain by listening to them. We are also very particular about product quality. But the main value that we share is the passion we have for our profession. Above all else, that is what carries us forward.”

Jang Linster

“The wedding of our daughter Jenny at the An Haffen in Wickrange was a big event. We had 120 people among those also vegetarian and vegan guests, which made the food quite a challenge. But it was fantastic – Frank Steffen and our Léa took care of it together, and we had the best of everything. Our customer advisor, Susanne, coordinated and thought of everything. Jenny, her husband Thiemo, and all of the guests were very happy. The wedding couldn’t have been a greater success!”

Jean-Luc Vanquin

Director, Link2Fleet

“Our partnership can be summarised in two words: trust and success. Never disappointing, always attentive and always meeting our expectations, the quality of Steffen Traiteur’s services has absolutely contributed to the success of our brand.”

Jean-Marc Ueberecken

Corporate Law Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions, Arendt & Medernach

“In a profession such as ours, when we hold an event, whether it’s for our clients or our teams, everything must be perfect. If our clients are demanding, we should be demanding as well in everything we do. And that’s what Steffen Traiteur offers us.”

Christiane Wagner

Marketing and Communication Manager for Voyages Emile Weber

“At Steffen Traiteur, we have found not only the value for money we were seeking, but also the flexibility and availability we needed to meet the challenge we had set for ourselves. The teams were available, attentive, and able to meet all of our demands, even up to the last minute.”

Mike Koedinger

CEO Maison Moderne

“Our collaboration began on the recommendation of a preferred production partner, followed by an exceptional meeting and an instant sense of complicity. We now maintain a truly friendly relationship.”

Nathalie Scaillet-Reckinger

Spokeswoman for the Commission for the Promotion of Luxembourg Wines and Crémants

“Quality is our common goal. Steffen Traiteur is dedicated to authentic products, served with our local wines which are presented in their Luxembourg Food Collection.”

Eva Ferranti


“Frank is a true artist, like me. I love his attention to detail in the staging of the buffets, his love of a job well done and his continuous search for quality products.”

Bibi Wintersdorf

Managing Editor and Publisher, KACHEN Magazine

“Having Steffen Traiteur as a partner means professionalism, perfection and passion for all that they do!”