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Together, we can create the special private event you've been dreaming of!

In life, there are those special moments to be shared with family and unforgettable parties to be had with friends. Behind every successful event is an outstanding caterer – one who listens to you and who can (deliciously) adapt to your needs.

This caterer has a name: Steffen Traiteur !

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Whatever your expectations, requirements, and especially your hopes and dreams, we’ll discuss them with you in detail so that we can offer you exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you choose each dish on the menu yourself or leave everything to us, we will be on hand to ensure that your event has the success it deserves.

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  • Drinks

  • Bar and buffet

  • Logistics

  • Table service

  • Cooking equipment

  • China

  • Table coverings and napkins

  • Tidying up

  • Furniture

  • Decoration

  • On-site chef

Jang Linster

“The wedding of our daughter Jenny at the An Haffen in Wickrange was a big event. We had 120 people among those also vegetarian and vegan guests, which made the food quite a challenge. But it was fantastic – Frank Steffen and our Léa took care of it together, and we had the best of everything. Our customer advisor, Susanne, coordinated and thought of everything. Jenny, her husband Thiemo, and all of the guests were very happy. The wedding couldn’t have been a greater success!”