About us


Founding of Maison Steffen

Frank Steffen, a master butcher by training, founds Maison Steffen in Steinfort, Luxembourg. His ambition: to fulfil his customers’ culinary wishes and delight them with local, healthy and delicious products of outstanding quality.


A caterer that beautifies your festivities

Sought out more and more for its catering service, Maison Steffen founds Steffen Traiteur. More than a new company, Steffen Traiteur is the promise of an impeccable service that ensures the gourmet refinement essential to the success of your family banquets and business events, from the first course to the dessert.


Tom Steffen joins the family business

Driven by the same consuming passion as his father, Tom Steffen joins the company as Assistant Account Director. It’s a natural choice for him after earning his bachelor’s degree in International Hotel and Food Service Management from the Institut Paul Bocuse, combined with valuable experience gained at prestigious establishments in Luxembourg and France.


Fulfilling its ambitions

Having celebrated 25 years of success, at the start of the year the Steffen Group unveils a new building in Niederkorn, in the commune of Differdange, housing the storage equipment for the organisation of its catering business.

Gourmet cuisine has been in our DNA since the company was founded in 1989.

We are a team of men and women driven by our love of nature and good food. As dedicated perfectionists in the catering profession, constantly on the look-out for the healthiest, best prepared and most delicious food, we have decided to become active members of the Slow Food organisation because we support diversity of flavour, the benefits of a balanced diet that is locally sourced and the use of raw ingredients from produce and farms that respect the environment.

We have also been recognised by the Biogarantie label, which certifies that our products come from certified organic crops that comply with both environmental and social sustainability standards.

We are also the Luxembourg ambassadors of EPCAS, the European Party Caterer Association, with which we work in close partnership. Its objective is to professionalise the image of the best European caterers by issuing high working standards whilst presenting the latest technical developments in the culinary arts. Moreover, our artisans’ expertise and our large logistical capacities enable us to manage your entire event with complete peace of mind, whatever your needs may be.

We will be delighted to share the pleasures of delicious food and the satisfaction of a successful project with you, making your event truly sublime.

With these commitments in mind, we promise you an unparalleled experience and a convivial moment of infinite delight lived to the fullest.


Court Supplier
The Grand-Ducal Court recognized us as Supplier of the Court in 2021.
Made in Luxembourg
We are very proud to display the origin of our know-how, services and craft products thanks to the "Made in Luxembourg" label awarded by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Trades.
2017-2020 CSR Label : Corporate Social Responsibility
We are committed to a voluntary business approach that reflects our company's contribution to sustainable development.
MLQE : Luxembourg Silver Quality Prize
Luxembourger prize for quality and excellence 2018
2016 IFFA Quality Competition
4 gold medals and 2 silver medals for our homemade ham, LISANTO, served regularly at our cocktail buffets
2015 ITQI Superior Taste Awards
2 gold stars for our raw homemade LISANTO hams cured for 12 and 18 months
EPCAS 2015
Steffen Traiteur was awarded the gold medal for its active involvement in the association
2014 Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards
For the fifth time, Steffen Traiteur won the Food & Beverage Creative Excellence Award
2013 Marketing & Communication Awards
Steffen Traiteur was elected Best Catering Partner
2009, 2010 & 2012 Marketing & Communication Awards
For 3 consecutive years, Steffen Traiteur was elected Best Catering Service
2011 PaperJam Grand Prix – Top 10
Steffen Traiteur was ranked in the Top 10 of the PaperJam Grand Prix for its Luxembourg Food Collection - its first food collection dedicated to Luxembourg
2010 Prix de l’Innovation
Bronze medal for the Luxembourg Food Collection

Catering equals values

We aim to dazzle every customer
Forming long-lasting, personal relationships is part of our doctrine. Our artisan caterers stay in close contact with our customers so they can pass on any information likely to improve our service.

Each employee is an expert to be nurtured
Each of our employees must be able to nourish their mind and soul as they perform their work every day with enthusiasm and passion so that they can assume responsibility for essential projects they feel invested in.

Each child is a nugget to be cherished
The children of today will be the parents of tomorrow. We make every effort to give them a chance to experience new flavours, fresh food, healthy products, nutritional value and a balanced diet.

Our artisan caterers

We’re passionate about what we do
Our artisans are fascinated by culinary design – they are always on the look-out for those touches that will make your guests’ eyes sparkle and delight their taste buds. Steffen Traiteur means an explosion of flavours, remembrance of the land and festive cuisine!

We look after your health
We select top quality raw ingredients, verifying their sources and freshness. Each culinary event is meticulously checked by our Quality & Hygiene Assurance Department for your safety.

We’re highly organised
Our responsiveness will make it possible for you to enjoy your guests without needing to worry about anything. Your event will be remembered as a precious moment – one that will stay in your guests’ memories for a long time to come.

Our manager – your advisor

Always on the look-out for refinement and excellence, your appointed advisor will make every effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied by attending to all of those little details that will make your culinary event a reflection of your personality. With flexibility and good humour, your advisor will answer all of your questions, offering you the latest culinary trends.

Our caterers – your enthusiastic chefs

Our artisan caterers serve you both from the kitchen and behind the buffets. Passionate about good food, they prepare your meals with care and manage the catering teams. Organised and responsive, they can adapt to any situation.

Our engineers – your guarantors of quality

Each culinary event is meticulously checked by our Quality & Hygiene Assurance Department for your safety. Quality control begins upon receipt of the raw ingredients (freshness, packaging, delivery temperature of our vehicles, etc.), ensuring the safety of your event.

Our head waiter – your ally

The head waiter coordinates the work of the waiters and caterers according to the schedule you want. He meticulously orchestrates the work of the apprentice chefs, head chefs and sommeliers to ensure excellent service that flows smoothly. An expert in details, he will leave nothing to chance and will be your contact person during the event.

Our waiters – your partners

The waiters set the tables and serve the food and drink, generally keeping things tidy with courtesy and attention.

Our driver – your logistical support

The driver efficiently manages the delivery and removal of the food, drinks, equipment and waste, whatever the format and location of the event. Our logistics team ensures optimal scheduling of your orders and shipments, managing our stocks so that nothing is forgotten. They are able to orchestrate complex distribution scenarios, such as accessing a site that is difficult to reach or a completely out-of-the-way location (a field, a cave, etc.).