Venue offerings

Choosing a chateau, farmhouse, tent, manor, estate or even a community hall for your event is often a real headache!

We offer you exceptional venues that we are already very familiar with. After you have selected a welcoming, original venue, you should inquire about logistics, because your caterer will need a place to park his or her van and unload and transport the equipment. It is also essential to discuss your dream venue very early on to be prepared for any contingency. Furthermore, as we are not bound to any particular event site, the venue you choose will be ours as well.


Transparent prices

Our offers are always customised and based on a preliminary interview, because we believe that this is the best way to meet your needs. Our quotes are transparent – you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you receive the final bill! Our offers itemise the desired culinary services, the staff requirements based on the size of the service, and the necessary equipment. Our quotes are free of charge, as are our tastings, which will allow you to make a better choice.



So you are not caught unprepared, reserve your caterer about a year before the big day. This will give you the chance to taste, compare and refine your choice without stress.

A secret


Customise your event

Hosts sometimes like to provide their guests with a small object that will leave them with a lasting impression of the event, such as a badge or a brightly coloured accessory.
Our staff can also wear these objects, as long as the ornament you choose does not impede their service. We can also help you in customising the floral decorations for your tables.


Intimate or social format

We can adapt to all types of situations, whether your event numbers 20 or 500 people. We have a large store hall with thousands of carefully arranged cutlery, glasses and china, hundreds of chairs, high tables, round tables, table coverings, galley equipment (ovens, refrigerators, etc.) as well as extra tents and outdoor furniture.


Traditional or original event

We love a challenge!
We have become masters at the art of setting up a professional kitchen that complies with the strictest food safety standards, a service galley and a reception room in the most unusual venues. Let your imagination run wild – we will make your sweetest dreams come true!




The first step is to meet, which allows us to get to know you and understand your needs and requirements, and especially your hopes and dreams! This interview makes it easier for us to prepare a customised offer. The second step is to reserve the date of your event, with no commitment on your part. The offer is then refined, based on your comments, with proposals for the menu, theme and wine. We’ll then offer you a free tasting, and if you’re satisfied, you’ll give us your preliminary agreement. The last step is to visit the selected venue together. After that, you no longer have to worry – we’ll take care of everything until the big day!


Service staff

The entire team designated in your price offer will support you for the duration of the service.


Service duration

It all depends on the service you want! On average, a wine reception requires a minimum of five hours of service, and a full wedding requires eight hours.


No corking fee

We can take on everything from an aperitif to an open bar. Our sommeliers are at your disposal for any advice you may need; we can also offer you a wine tasting. To your advantage, if you decide to handle the beverages yourself, we will not charge a corking fee.



You are entitled to a free tasting – because offering your guests a gourmet meal means that you should be sure about the menu choices you make. We ensure that your mouth approves of what you decided on on paper!