How to make a brownie or cake without the nuts or hazelnuts falling to the bottom of the cake?

Want to enhance your brownie or homemade cake recipe?

Perhaps you would like to make the best homemade pecan brownie for your child’s birthday?
Or rather to make your chocolate hazelnut cake recipe a success better than ever?
To achieve this, you just need the little touch of our Pastry Chef! It will help you to enhance your homemade cake or brownie recipe.
So, are you ready?

To prevent nuts or hazelnuts from falling to the bottom of your pecan brownie or to the bottom of your Geneva number cake, for example, just follow the two tips below, which do not go without each other.

Our two tips

The first trick is to plan to incorporate the nuts or hazelnuts at the end of the recipe, just before pouring the dough into the mold(s).
Then, our second tip is to think about flouring the nuts or hazelnuts before incorporating them.

And that’s it!
Simple, fast and efficient.

Your tailor-made dessert

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